copywriting servicesA well written website content means more Internet traffic for a business. Anexis Creative Solutions offers the following copywriting services: blog posts, white papers, feature articles, newsletters, catalogs, web pages, press releases, and PowerPoint presentations. Research makes all the difference in creating effective and truthful copy, so facts are the most important asset in this process. Subject matter experts answer thoughtful questions, which are then translated into plain English for the final draft.

Zero tolerance for errors in grammar and sentence structure is my personal motto. I am one of those people who find mistakes on labels in grocery stores and restaurant menus. In short, I love the written word and my inner copywriter/copy editor never sleeps. I have over ten years of copyediting experience, during which I edited books, articles, radio programs and student papers from a wide range of subjects.

Elena Rumyantseva, our very own copywriter

If you need content development services, Anexis offers that as well. Content development deals with a series of documents. They can be a blog, an article or a newsletter series, with one page linked to another. Content development can be especially helpful to explain to the public why your business is an authority in its field and what values it stands for. Series help to develop trust between consumers and companies, which in turn attracts more customers to you.

Working together with Anexis, you can determine what your long-term goals are and get a webpage that accurately resembles your vision for the future. Prices for content are reasonable and depend on the subject matter of your business. Hard facts, passion and creativity are the traits that distinguish Anexis Creative Solutions from other similar companies. Please view our Portfolio page and contact us if you have any questions.